About disease

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that causes severe irreversible inflammatory processes and further changes in the liver, which leads to a decrease in liver function, various degrees of hepatic failure and related development of varying degrees of disease severity. Chronic hepatitis C causes the continuous problems with health...like cancer and even death.

Revolution in virus treatment

Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) is the second drug that is FDA approved for the treatment of hepatitis C. On 22 November 2013, the first approved drug against the virus becomes simeprevir. But unlike Olysio (brand name of simeprevir), Sovaldi drug - is a medication with revolutionary capabilities: to treat some types of hepatitis C safely and effectively, to stop the spread of the virus and thus a devastating effect of the disease.
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Bargain prices online

So let's see sovaldi price in USA: according to drugs.com sovaldi tablet price starts from $ 1062,69 and there are 28 sovaldi tablets in one bottle, so imagine how much money you have to spend on your treatment when sovaldi cost starts from $29755.25, moreover, some of you get prescribed only 12-weeks course of treatment - that is 84 days – 3 packs of medication needed - so you have to prepare $89265.75, but in other cases your course of treatment may last 16 weeks or even 24 weeks, it depends on so many factors, that only your attending doctor must decide what terms and conditions will be included into your treatment. In all these cases the treatment is too expensive. Not everyone can afford those prices, but the cost of life is higher. That is why some clever people made up the notion 'generic drug'. If you google 'sovaldi price in India' you will see a great difference in cost even when you search for 'sovaldi Canada', just because the greatest generic drugs production is developed in India and generic drugs are made to save money of many people who are not ready to pay for brand and feel no difference between those two types of product. That is why American pharmaceutical company, the brand maker, Gilead Sciences Inc has provided the licenses on production and distribution in 91 countries to more then 10 Indian pharma manufacturers, which are ready to produce generic drug for the treatment of hepatitis C – Generic Sovaldi. For example, you can buy sovaldi 400 mg online in a bottle with 28 pills from well-known Indian generic manufacturer, Hetero Lab Ltd.
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High quality of products

When you type in 'buy sovaldi online in India' while searching the right place to get sovaldi generic version, be careful as there are licensed and unlicensed productions and those differ by the drug manufacturing technological process which has a great influence on drug's quality. This website is associated only with licensed manufacturers of sovaldi in India. So you don't have to worry, as we guarantee the authenticity of the supplied products.

Generic Rebetol


The essence of the drug
Ribavirin is an antiviral drug that is used to treat viral infections; including Hepatitis C. Note that ribavirin does not cure the common cold or the flu.

Before taking medication, consultation with a physician will be able to warn you of possible adverse consequences. »

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Generic Daklinza


The essence of the medication
Daclatasvir refers to antiviral type of drug, which specializes in the treatment and prevention of hepatitis of the C class. Because of this drug, the virus can’t penetrate as well as can’t multiply inside patient’s body.
The main aim is to use the drug for Hepatitis C in 360-degrees treatment for adult patients. »

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